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So I've been meaning to write something for a while now, but on the other hand, I really hate when people write content for sites just to fill the space. I feel like doing that is, at a level, immoral, so I won't be doing that.

An alternative to that occurred to me yesterday; something that I could do instead: accept topics/ideas from others and write about them. So I went ahead and posted this on Facebook, to see what I could come up with from my friends:

Alrighty. So I'm on the bored side, feel like writing, and am at a loss for ideas. Gimme a topic/idea to write about, and one of two things will happen:

Excellent Idea w/ Depth:

I'll write up a decently long post (perhaps as long as /2014/04/10/projects-all-over-the-place/ or longer) and publish it on my blog.

Good Ideas lacking Depth:

I'll write up multiple of them as one post, divided into sections, and again, publish it on my blog.

In either case, please specify whether you would like credit for your idea or not, and if so, whether you would like to be cited with only your first name or your first and last. Add your idea as a comment, one idea per comment please. Feel free to add as many ideas as you wish, but don't spam it up.

Controversial topics are A-OK, but if I deem it to be something that is way too far past the line, it's unlikely that I will write about it. Feel free to still suggest it though - those of you who know me well know how far out I set my line.



Well, I received some ideas, and at the moment, the ideators of the two topics don't want credit, but without further ado:

  1. Yellowcake - A Tale of School Lunches
  2. DJs @ School

Yellowcake - A Tale of Lunch at School

Earlier this week, during period 6, I was sitting in my American Studies class. We had had a(n) (awesome) student teacher for the past few weeks who was teaching us about the Cold War and so forth. Today's topics were "the damage that had been unknowingly caused by radiation" and "nuclear power today".

Since the class preceded my lunch, as I walked out of the portable back to the main building for lunch, the topics related to "nuclear things" in general were floating in the back of my mind. I wasn't feeling particularly hungry (nothing related to class - it's hard to make me lose my appetite, I just wasn't hungry) and I didn't feel like waiting in one of our long-ass lunch lines, so I simply went to one of the tables that my friends were at (we usually span multiple parallel tables, some often stand and migrate in between), and took a seat.

I noticed that two of my friends had Crispy Chicken Tenders, an entree which is composed of a medium-sized breaded chicken tender topped with a serving of mashed potatoes with "gravy" on top, alongside a piece of garlic bread.

I pointed at the gravy and queried them, "What the hell is that stuff?"

They both replied, with airquotes, that it was "gravy".

An idea began to form in my head. "What's that gold colored powder thing that's radioactive called?" Before anyone could answer, I ended up answering my own (obvious) question - "Yellowcake."

Then I pointed again at the gravy, "Maybe it's actually yellowcake mixed with water..."

Then one of them (lets call him 'Azey') said that it kinda tasted a bit too salty now, almost a bit metallic.

Well, I was completely sure that he was joking, but at the same time, I was curious. Plus, the lunch line had become really short and I was starting to become a tad bit hungry. I headed over, across the cafeteria to see if there was any more left.

Surely enough, there was. I went ahead and bought it and came back and sat down with it. Azey pointed out that I had bought that after what I had just said. I replied that the both of them weren't dead yet, and that was a good enough sign.

I began to eat. After eating about halfway through it, I noticed something. Indeed, the gravy was rather salty. Almost exactly like a strong metallic taste.

I finished my food around the same time that the rest did, but even now, I do wonder:

"What the hell is that stuff?"

DJs @ School

Three times or so a year, my school has dances: Homecoming, Morp, and Prom. A day or two before each of the dances, the "DJ" who will be doing the music for the dance will come and play his music at lunch.

Now, I have a few issues with these DJs that a fair number of people I have talked to seem to concur with.

For starters, it appears to be the same damn guy every damn time. That would be fine, except we haven't the slightest on how much the school is paying him for it, and also the part where he sucks at his job.

His idea of DJ'ing appears to consist of simply playing random music sequentially, only making sure that the songs are relatively recent, popular, and have a heavy bass portion.

You know what else does that? Almost any hits radio station (except for the ads) or a playlist (but then there's licensing issues and it's a bit static). If only someone had solved that problem. Oh snap, someone has solved that problem: Pandora for Business.

Guess how much that costs? $24.95 / month. In other words, since you'll need it on three spearate occasions, ~25 USD / occasion = ~75 USD total. Right.

I don't know how much this DJ gets paid, but my spidey sense tells me that it's more than ~25 USD / occasion.

Another thing - this guy plays blatantly explicit music. It's funny how if a student were to sing the lyrics to some of these songs out loud, he or she would be in trouble rather quickly - yet when the DJ plays them, it's A-OK.

I mean, it would be one thing if the only music that people wanted to hear was explicit. But that's not true. It appears that people are okay with anything near Electro/House + Trending. Hell, here's my main Trance/Electro/Progressive/House playlist:

Amazing, huh, how easy it is to make a 15 hour, 38 minute playlist of fairly decent music, isn't it? Admittedly, this being my go-to mix, there's probably a bit here or there that's still explicit, but the vast majority of it should be fine.

It follows too much of a thematic order? Turn on shuffle.

The space between songs is jarring? Set crossfade to 12s.

Magic, I know. The point I'm trying to make here is that this guy is being paid to not do jack shit that virtually anyone could do.

I don't know what I can do in particular about it, but seeing as I've had others echo the same complaints concerns back to me, I'll find something eventually.

That's all for this SuggestAStory post. I hoped you liked it. For now, I will only be taking suggestions for stories from my friends and people I know directly, but in the future, I may find a way to accept suggestions from others.

If you indeed did like it, the share buttons are below. Also, don't hesitate to say what you think in the comments, also down below. I'm pretty free about speech in general, so only real spam or extreme trolling will be removed.