SotD: Summer - Calvin Harris

Note: this is the start of the new Song of the Day series.

About two days, ago, while browsing Calvin Harris' artist page on Spotify, I noticed a new song with around 20 million listens. Since his music is usually good, I decided to give it a try, especially since I had been listening another of his songs, Under Control, for well over a month or two now.

Compared to his other songs, Summer starts out with a relatively slow, mellow introduction. After that, a soft riff builds up to the break, which, unlike many of Harris' songs, does not start with a hard but calm bass drop. Instead, he simply adds in the kick to the mix and has it run along with the rest of the break.

However, similar to most of his recent songs, the break is a simple, soft, and repetitive loop. As always, to keep things interesting, the loop is frequently tone-shifted into adjacent keys.

I really liked the calm, lighthearted mood of the song. It makes it rather relaxing, and makes it appropriate for almost any setting.

It's #97 on my Spotify playlist Play, which is basically my go-to mix of various music from all sorts of genres:

Music Video [NSFW]: