Core Audio Failure

So just a few minutes ago, a dreaded problem that I thought had been fixed reemerged from the shadows. The audio on my MacBook Pro Retina cut out.

Being an MBPR, I kind of expect this sort of shit not to happen, but oh, no, it happens at the worst of moments. I was listening to some music quietly and then... SCYK! It cut.

Anyways, I didn't want to restart my computer (I'm coding ATM), so I thought for a minute.

Maybe it's in the audio subsystem.

Yep. On OSX, the audio subsystem is Core Audio (similar to PulseAudio on some Linux systems). The process that manages this is called coreaudiod (core audio daemon):


Kill it. With fire napalm (Force Quit):

Kill coreaudiod.

No, seriously. It fixes everything up within a second as it respawns. Problem solved.

If you're like me, you need a CLI one-liner for this:

sudo killall -SIGKILL coreaudiod

sudo killall -SIGKILL coreaudiod

Well, let's hope Apple fixes this soon, but until then, this solution should do it.